One-Day Itinerary of Nairobi, Kenya

Have a day to spare in Nairobi after your business meetings? Or, as was the case with us, landed in Nairobi (read about — Visa, Immigration & other requirements at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi) in the morning and will spend a day there before being picked up for the Naivasha-Masai Mara tour the next morning? Here then, is answering your question, “How to best spend 24 hours in Nairobi?”

Have breakfast in your hotel! We stayed at the hotel Sarovar Panifric and here is a review of the place – Review of Hotel Sarovar Panifric in Nairobi

Post breakfast, time to get an experience of what Kenya offers best – its rich wildlife! Go for a tour of the David Sheldrick Elephant Centre

And then, a tour of the Giraffe Centre where you can feed giraffes and get kissed by them!! 😀

All that feeding, kissing done, you’d be hungry by now. Head for lunch at Nairobi’s most famous restaurant, Carnivore! What do you get here? A feast of both regular and exotic meats ….Carnivore’s barbeque section will bowl you over. Guaranteed.

Post lunch, how about an experience of the Kenyan culture and lifestyle? Head to the Bomas of Kenya Show to see how Kenyans live, sing, dance, make merry…

By now, it will be close to evening. You could head out to the shopping district if you want to buy Kenyan artefacts for your house. We decided to skip shopping right at the beginning of the trip. For, we figured, there would be ample opportunity at Naivasha and Masai Mara for the authentic stuff.

We went for a 5-day trip to Kenya one Christmas, of which, we spent one day in Nairobi, one day in Naivasha, three days in Maasai Mara. We have written exhaustively about our explorations and experiences — In order to make it easy for you to locate all the information, should you be planning a similar trip, this post will give you a snap-shot of all the ‘must-dos and must-sees’ — Itinerary for Nairobi, Naivasha & Maasai Mara in Kenya

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