Watch Alibaba (in Hindi) this April at NCPA, Mumbai

Alibaba at NCPA in Mumbai

Long before the adventures of Star Wars or Harry Potter, there were the exotic Arabian Nights’ tales that had wreathed their magic and transported people to fantastic lands. Almost everybody has grown up with a dollop of these stories, that of the  sultans, of princesses, of genies, bazaars, magic carpets, magic lamps. One such, fascinating and spell-binding story is that of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves.

Tell me, haven’t we been enthralled by it forever? The poor woodcutter who chances upon hidden treasure of thieves in the forest; courts grave danger; is helped by the clever slave-girl Morjina to thwart the nefarious aims of his own rich and selfish brother and the scheming wife; decimates the thieves and lives a happy life thereafter; have captivated millions over ages. Truly timeless….

And here is the icing on the cake — this summer, when you must be on the verge of your annual vacation, Mumbai brings you the opportunity to watch the life-changing tale of Alibaba in the prestigious NCPA at Nariman Point. Lucky Mukherjee, Mumbai’s famous playwright, theater director and actor, is all set to stage Alibaba – the Timeless Musical in Hindi, with an ensemble of 41 actors and a huge squad of musicians and technicians, at Tata Theatre on 12th April, 2015 at 6.30pm. Tickets for the show are selling like hot cakes at I grabbed mine over the weekend!

Alibaba at NCPA in Mumbai

With schools already closing for the summers around that time, no better way to start the holidays than show my little daughter a story she has loved reading and listening to all this while. But hey, here is a little secret. I have bought tickets for us and the grand-mother too. We, the ‘grown-ups’ at home, too didn’t want to give up an opportunity to re-live childhood and gape at wonder as Alibaba and Marjina outsmart the bad brother and the dangerous thieves!!!

Timeless. Yes. Age no bar. Too. 🙂