Hotel Review: Hotel Trident in Udaipur, India

Hotel Review: Hotel Trident in Udaipur, India

 Hotel Trident in Udaipur is all about class and luxury. We were there in the Lake city of India over the Diwali holidays, and Trident scored over the other hotels/boutiques owing to the sheer indulgence it offers.

Located at just a 10-minute drive from the old city, Trident is surrounded by trees and habited by beautiful birds, the most notable of them being peacocks. Simply look out of your room and you get to see them pecking away at the grasses and the lawns. Infact, you hear them before you see them – they wake you up with their calls in the morning.  And then, you will see one on the tree while you are having breakfast, a couple more strolling by when you are at the pool….

We loved the open air breakfast every morning at the Trident. Since winter was just setting in, early mornings were pleasant and made just the right setting for the first meal of the day, under the soft sun, by the beautiful bougainvillea and amongst the myriad chirping birds. Lunch and dinner, were at the famous restaurants in the city, of which we had made a list.

One of the biggest attractions of the Trident in Udaipur, is the Bada Mahal, built by Maharana Fateh Singh as his resting place during hunting expeditions. Located in one corner of the grounds,  maintained extremely well by the hotel and filled with pictorial depictions of the Maharana’s hunts, do visit it once to see the place where the Maharana watched fights between tigers and boars. Looked after by Roop Singh for the past forty years, the nearby woods have been converted into a sanctuary housing deers, boars, monkeys and birds.

Needless to say, the stay at the Trident is luxurious. They have a well-staffed children play section, should your little one wants to play while you take a walk in the grounds and hanker after the birds with your camera lenses. Do not miss a dip in the beautiful pool too.

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The staff is helpful with city-related information and can help you get a guide and taxi. They also help make bookings for you at high-end restaurants.

The stay cost us INR 11,000 per night with breakfast. Steep, yes. What do you expect of a luxury property? They offer a stay in style, after all. 🙂

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