Restaurant Review: Peshawri at ITC Maratha, Mumbai

Restaurant Review: Peshawri at ITC Maratha, Mumbai

Peshawri, in Mumbai, has to make do with a lot of baggage. I mean, expectations. To live up to the name and pedigree of Bukhara, the iconic restaurant in Delhi. It trips along the way. Sadly.

The ambience and experience is consistent with Bukhara, but the difference in kitchen nails it. So does the service levels. We went there for a team dinner – about 25 of us and the restaurant staff struggled.

We opted for a meals package of Rs. 3000 which had unlimited 3 each veg and non-veg Starters, Mains and Deserts. Not a bad option if you are one with a big appetite.

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Reshmi Kebabs were the first to be served. Extremely mediocre. Then came the Chicken Sheekhs, thankfully, soft and succulent. This was followed by another Chicken Kebab which was the best of the evening. Last, was the Raan which was perfectly cooked, but very low on spice, and hence, quite bland. It was supposed to be the spicier than Burra Kebab, which is my favourite, but was substituted with this signature dish – that frankly disappointed. We ordered ala carte the Tandoori Jhinga – excellent, perfectly cooked, with a good dose of charcoal flavor and spices. Papad and green chutney came as sides.

For Mains, we got Paneer Makhani and Butter Chicken – same gravy, quite nice with the small portion of Nans served. The biggest disappointment was the Dal Bukhara. Remember, it’s the Dal Bukhara that has made this chain world famous. I have had it at the Kebabs and Curries at ITC Grand Central which is awesome, but the one here was BAD. It completely lacked the texture and flavor, the strong aftertaste and the amazing taste that makes you forget everything else you had untill then. Huge disappointment

Deserts came with three options – Gulab Jamuns, Kulfi with Falooda and Ras Malai. All three up to the mark, although the Gulab Jamuns were served floating in a sea of sugar syrup along with the Kulfi.

The drinks menu is exhaustive and expensive with most scotch pegs at 1800++ going all the way to Rs. 50000 / 60 ml for a special Highland brand.

Overall, left us a little dissatisfied with the choice of starters and the Dal. There was one person to serve our group and he was struggling as the restaurant was quite full otherwise, even on a weekday. The bill would have been easily 7K+ per head. Nice place for dinner but I hope they improve on the quality of food to match their big brother.