How is the Kigali (Rwanda) International Airport?

We landed at the Kigali International Airport just after dusk. And although it was raining, I could tell, looking out of the aircraft’s window, that it was a small airport. We walked into the airport from the craft, and were first screened for Ebola. Small, yet, the airport was extremely clean and well-maintained. On our way back too, we found the counters to be well manned and systematic.

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Here is information about the Kigali International Airport which you may find useful:

  •  Queues are shorter compared to other airports
  • Ebola screenings happen just as you enter
  • Immigration procedures are quick and prompt, both during arrival and departure. There are enough officers at the counters, even on the Christmas Eve evening.
  • There’s unlimited free-wifi at the Kigali International Airport. I was so pleasantly surprised!
  • Plastic bags are not allowed at the airport. And we soon found out that plastic bags are banned in all of Rwanda. Kudos!!!
  • Unlike the Nairobi International Airport (read – Procedures at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport), no officer at the Kigali airport approached us for ‘Christmas bribes’.
  • It is just about a 10-15 minute drive from the airport to downtown. Kigali is a small city.
  • Should you need a taxi, book one from the pre-paid taxi counter at the airport. Walking out with bags in the hope of catching a taxi is a bad idea since taxi-bikes ply in Kigali.
  • The coffee-shop, Bourbon, is where you’d go for that coffee or sandwich while waiting for your flight. A tad expensive. Airport rates.