Restaurant Review: Café Infinito in BKC, Mumbai

Restaurant Review: Café Infinito in BKC, Mumbai

We had been to this place about 4-5 years back when it was called the Otto Infinito. And we went back this year on the Sunday of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. Post our run, we had to take our daughter to Bandra East for the rehearsal of a play, and although we were schedule to join our running group for a celebratory drinks and dinner back in Powai that night, we decided to take the kids (our daughter and our niece who had come visiting) to an early dinner there again. Was surprised to see the name had changed! Café Infinito now.

Ambience: Looked to me as though the décor was same. Couldn’t recollect. The large community table was certainly there near the window. We had taken that table to taste the Chef’s menu, maybe upon its opening. Couldn’t recollect that either. And I remember that it specialised in Mediterranean cuisine. Maybe that bit has changed. But I remember this much that I had loved their Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad…

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Anyway, the place was deserted this evening. We were obviously too early. A huge place with well-spaced seating. They had tables outside too, and although it looked extremely inviting in the nice Jan Mumbai evening, we decided to sit inside fearing the mosquitoes. Good for us, since they fogged out the place soon after.

Food: I was too full from our lunch, and hence requested for a Infinito Greek Salad. They served it with a lot of Feta and Lettuce that I absolutely loved. Jayanta ordered a Wild Mushroom soup, since he too could feel the lunch still in his stomach, and wanted to build us his appetite for the group dinner later that night. Said, was just right and what he wanted. For our daughter, who is a problematic eater (sigh!!), we ordered 3 mini Chicken Burgers that came with French Fries. Idea was to let her finish what she could at the restaurant and get the remaining packed so that she could finish them in the car while we drove back home. Our niece opted for Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli in Porcini Cream Sauce, and said she loved it. None of us wanted desserts.

Final Word: Go there. Good food and very nice ambience. Extremely nice place for drinks and dinner after office hours.