3 Things You Can Do When You Are in Gisenyi, Rwanda

3 Things You Can Do When You Are in Gisenyi, Rwanda

Gisenyi is such a sleepy little town; a post title such as ‘3 things you can do when in Gisenyi, will perhaps wake you up and make you wonder, Really? You can do so many things in Gisenyi? My answer is Yes. We were there in the sleepy-looking town for about 24 hours, but slept only our regular quota of 7 hours. Rest of the time we –

Frolicked on the shores of Lake Kivu. The lake is so vast that it almost looks like a sea. And its shores have a sandy beach. Which is why we frolicked around, sun bathed, made sand castles, went for a swim, collected stones, looked into the horizon, enjoyed the lapping of the waves…

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 Went for a morning run. Oh yes! With the roads so clean, and the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon coming up, I didn’t want the Christmas holiday to wreck up my fitness levels. Which is why, my sister in law and I planned to be the dawn breakers. Into our running shoes, we ran by the lakeside upto the Congo border and then, up a steep hill and back and then by the lake on the side from where we entered Gisenyi the previous day. The comforting morning sun, the clean air and the smiling locals made it a memorable run.

 Go for a photography walk. While we ran, the rest of the family pcked up their DSLRs, wore their jackets and trotted out to catch the trotting birds and the beautiful flowers. One pointing out a beautiful sight to the other, here was the perfect opportunity to bond over common captures.