Hotel Review: Lake Kivu Serena in Gisenyi, Rwanda

Hotel Review Lake Kivu Serena in Gisenyi, Rwanda

And so, post this heavy lunch at White Rock Bistro in Gisenyi (read review of White Rock Bistro), we came back to our hotel at around 5 pm, hoping that by now our rooms should be ready. They were. We rushed for the beds and a nap.

Apparently one of the bests in Gisenyi, Lake Kivu Serena has its own private beach, huge grounds and beautiful trees and flowers everywhere. Before leaving for lunch, we had been out exploring the beach. The kids had immediately jumped at the sight of the water of the lake lashing the shores. To me, it didn’t look like a lake. It looked like the sea. Unable to contain their eagerness, the kids jumped into the water. We allowed them since it was fairly sunny and not cold at all.

I personally loved the landscaped gardens here and there and especially the flowers everywhere – lilies, anthuriums, gladiolis…

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Rooms at the Lake Kivu Serena were clean and decent-sized, with the basics in place – the little bar, the tea maker etc. they even had a bathroom robe to take back home. Tch! We didn’t get back ours.

The best was that every room opened to the lawn. And so, when there, simply slump in the cane chairs with a book or music.

Food at the Lake Kivu Serena, wasn’t all that great during dinner. We were there on the evening of Christmas, and while they had organized an open air dinner with bonfire and live music in the lawns near the pool, the food, despite a decent spread, didn’t catch our fancy. Food at the White Rock Bistro was so much nicer.

Breakfast, on the first floor, though, was a massive spread with just about every type of meat and breads and fruits and juices and bakes. We had a scrumptious day-starter. After all, we had gone for a morning run by the lakeside and had ‘earned’ the food.

Soon, it was time to head back to Kigali (read Drive from Kigali to Gisenyi). We bid Gisenyi bye bye, hoping that it stays quiet and simple and charming as we saw it.


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  • Lars

    Welcome to Gisenyi. I live up the hill in central Gisenyi (view to Serena, lake etc). Fun to read your (positive) comments.


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