Restaurant Review: White Rock Bistro in Gisenyi, Rwanda

Restaurant Review: White Rock Bistro in Gisenyi, Rwanda

We were scheduled to stay in Gisenyi for just one night. Reached our hotel, Lake Kivu Serena Hotel around lunchtime but the rooms weren’t still ready. We attributed it to the Christmas rush. Simply deposited our bags and got back to the car to have lunch at the White Rock Bistro.

Hardly 2 kilometers away from the hotel, we decided to drive since we were starving. The restaurant, on the second floor, overlooks the Kivu Lake and despite clouds gathering up for a spell, we took the tables that were on the edge of the alcony. No missing the sight of the beautiful lake and the lovely birds playing in the trees and garden below. Done up with African artefacts and simple tables and chairs, you will love the place for its view and the space it offers.

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How is the food at White Rock Bistro in Gisenyi, Rwanda?  We were 7 of us, and at 3pm after a three and a half hour’s drive from Kigali, we were starving! And so ordered, Steak, Fish with Rice, a Pizza, two mugs of fresh fruit juices and some more mugs of beer.

Every item was fantastic and cooked to perfection. The Fish was so filling that I and my sister-in-law skipped dinner that night. It was a fresh Telapia caught from the lake itself. The drinks came in gigantic mugs and despite our hunger, we struggled to finish them. The men and the children loved the steak.

Verdict for White Rock Bistro in Gisenyi, Rwanda: Don’t miss an opportunity to dine there if in Gisenyi. You will love the food and the view. However, go with a long time, and they take forever to serve. We actually were beginning to learn that restaurants in Rwanda are never in a hurry to serve the order. They take their sweet time. So nibble onto something before you hit the restaurant and give it about an hour before you are served! What’s most beautiful is the smile with which they serve – you forget the excruciating wait! J



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