Restaurant Review: California Pizza Kitchen at BKC, Mumbai

Restaurant Review: California Pizza Kitchen at BKC, Mumbai

We were in BKC yesterday, first for a rehearsal and then to collect our bibs for Sunday’s marathon in Mumbai. An eggroll during the rehearsal ensured that we weren’t too hungry for dinner. Plus, we didn’t want to cross over to Bandra West, where there were traffic snarls as reported by our fellow actors. Not that it is difficult to find a restaurant in BKC itself! We opted for Californis Pizza Kitchen since it was extremely close and we thought we had appetite for just one pizza.

A lovely place, spacious and comfortable seating, come here only if you are not looking for authentic Italian food. This is America’s version. Somewhat like Pizza Hut, but a few notches higher.

The evening was chilly and so craved for a good warm toddy. The bartender was more than happy to make it, except that it wasn’t the best I have had – too many cinnamon sticks and very little sugar syrup. Nonetheless, the hot drink made me feel good. Jayant stuck to his white wine despite ordering a pizza with a load of meat toppings. It was Meat Cravers that did complete justice to its name – what with a whole lot of salami, pepperoni, bacon, ham and sausages – nothing was spared. And he loved it. As if as a vengeance, I requested for Wild Exotic Mixed Mushroom that had mushrooms of all colours and sizes on a base of pesto sauce. Extremely light, I loved it. So did my otherwise meat-loving daughter! We ended with a Tiramisu, which was absolutely great on flavours but no so-great on taste.

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Good, informal place it is California Pizza Kitchen, with the staff all out to make you comfortable and serve you to their best ability. And with loads of smile.

The only drawback – there is absolutely no connectivity inside the restaurant. Neither of our phones could connect. And the restaurant doesn’t offer wifi to its patrons. Made me seriously wonder why. They are after all located in an all-out commercial area with hundreds of offices nearby. Chances are that meetings/interviews can be held here. Why not give the facility to connect to the net just like the coffee shops? And in this generation of selfies and check-ins, why lose an opportunity of being spoken about in the social platforms? Worse still for travel and food bloggers like us, who can tweet the good food on the table!

California Pizza Kitchen, think about it!