Restaurant Review: The Little Door in Andheri West, Mumbai

Restaurant Review: The Little Door in Andheri West, Mumbai

The last time we went to The Little Door sometime in October last year, the guard politely told us that children were not allowed. Oops!! We have grown so used to taking our six year old everywhere with us, that it didn’t occur we should check. We had been charmed by the little blue door, and promised that we should get back to go past it soon…

The opportunity came in December! One giant step across the threshold showed me why they keep The Little Door closed to kids — this is where ‘grown-ups’ come to let their hair down over drinks and be merry…loud music, louder conversations and banter…this felt like a college get-together or a colleagues evening out!

Ambience of The Little Door, Andheri: The ambience is, in one word and to use that done-to-death word, cool!! Decent-sized, open, spaced out, The Little Door is out and out an informal place, best enjoyed with friends. There are the nice round tables where a minimum of 5-6 people can sit together, or the bar tables where you can choose to just stand and chat. The staff is extremely friendly and is more than happy to help with your choice of drink and food.

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Food at The Little Door, Andheri: They have a new menu with some fancy, jaw-breaking names – sample these – TLD Tlata, Vol au vents, Pollo verde, Strixxi mimli, Pollo con salsa al pepe, Gambas a la perilla — bet you’d want to google the names on your phone to find out which language they were! Ah!! Spanish!

I settled for Greek Nachos, Strixxi Mimli, Shrimp Brochette and , Pollo con salsa al pepe. But first, their Blushy Pink Sangria – an extremely exquisite drink, that took off my day’s stress at work and felt like a flag-bearer for my Christmas holidays!! Beautiful. Especially loved the Strixxi Mimli, which is chicken strips fried with cheese and herbs. Perfectly complimented the drink. The shrimps with jalapeno were good too. The heavy round of starters, ensured that I had almost no appetite for the mains. Plus, I am just not fond of Chicken mains. And so, although the Pollo con salsa al pepe was good enough with a nice sauce and mash, I still longed for lamb. Accuse the Bong in me!!

Having said that, the ‘Bong in me’ couldn’t order any dessert and there was no room left for another bite.

Final Word on The Little Door: Let me be to the point – This is your Friday evening place; this is the place where you can have a good time with a big group of friends/colleagues – awesome drinks, great food. Dress up well when you go to TLD – you will feel better! 🙂