Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency in Gurgaon

Hyatt Regency in Gurgaon is BIG!!! Office work saw me there last week, and let me tell you this, they have built a huge property in Gurgaon! The hotel is located just after the Gurgaon Expressway toll booth near Haldiram at Manesar and one has to take the service lane on the right side of the road to enter the place. So a little out of the way, but then you need that to get the space it offers. Although not one of the best located, yet, what Hyatt loses out in terms of location, more than makes up for its awesome features and service standards.

How is the stay at Hyatt Regency in Gurgaon? The lobby and everything at the Hyatt Regency is massive and perfectly suited for conferences and events. The check-in is brisk and then, you are escorted to your room which is well … impressive. I was booked at the Suite. Boy! Was it grand!

You will have to ‘walk across’ a corridor of sorts to enter the lounge with study table, sofa set, coffee table books and the bar. Then it’s the HUGE bedroom with a settee. On both sides of the bed, doors lead to beautifully designed and functional bathroom. With a bathtub right in the middle, and separate WC and bath areas, I missed my little daughter who squeals at the sight of bathtubs. There are the usual walk-in closet with cupboards, dressing area and amenities like safe. Whatsmore! They also have provisioned for a separate WC when you enter. Perhaps with a large family in mind. And now for the number of television sets — if your’s is a family that likes watching TV, Hyatt solves the problem with 3 (yes, 3!!!) LED TVs in the rooms – one in the lounge, one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom just opposite the bathtub!!! So take a hot bubble bath and enjoy your favourite TV series with a drink in your hand. Some luxury!! Sadly, I didn’t have time for it….hehe….

The facilities for conferences etc. are world class at the basement level & can fit in easily about 1000 guests if required.

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How is the food at Hyatt Regency in Gurgaon? Since was at the Hyatt Regency for an work-related event, just had the opportunity to have the morning breakfast at the hotel. It matches it ‘grand’ status — is a lavish affair at the ‘Kitchen District’ – with at least four live counters. You will need to spend extra time just exploring the place to figure out where which all food is kept. They have almost pulled off a coup with the variety on offer. In case, not there on work, would strongly recommend a slow and relaxing breakfast to start off the day. Have heard that the Lavana (Lucknowi Restaurant) and the Lounge Bar is a great place to hang around in the evening. Maybe next time….

Final word on Hyatt Regency in Gurgaon: Strongly recommend if you are visiting Gurgaon! Pampers you!!!