Restaurant Review: Yoko Sizzlers in RCity Mall, Mumbai

When we landed in Mumbai almost 8 years back, our orientation of the MaximumCity had happened with Yoko Sizzlers in Santacruz, Bade Miyan in Colaba, Naturals Ice-Cream, Vada Pav….Over the years, however, our foodie sorties to sizzler joints has reduced. Which is why when we had a little shopping to do at R-City Mall the other day, we decided to go to Yoko Sizzlers for dinner.

How is the ambience at Yoko Sizzlers in RCity Mall, Mumbai? You enter a smoke-filled room and you know you have entered a sizzler joint. Same with Yoko Sizzlers everywhere. Pretty well-laid out, and somewhat plush interiors, you will be relieved to find it not as cramped as their outlet in Santacruz. The staff is courteous and helpful too.

How is the food at Yoko Sizzlers in RCity Mall, Mumbai? Oh! Completely their signature stuff. Absolutely the same look, same taste. I wondered how they maintain the uniformity.

I ordered a Mutton Satelite – a pepper sauce based sizzler in a bed of boneless mutton pieces, boiled mushrooms, babycorns, tomato, carrots and other vegetables. The mutton pieces had been seasoned well and had an awesome taste. My husband ordered Mixed Grill – a sinful mixture of steak, kidney, liver, mutton chop, chicken sausages in pepper sauce and topped with a fried egg.

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The quantity they give will make sure you won’t have to order desserts. So much that I had serious difficulty finishing it off.

Meal for 2 if you order just sizzlers, about Rs 1400.

Final Word on Yoko Sizzlers in RCity Mall, Mumbai. It is almost the ‘same ole place, but closer home’ now. We’d love to go back there again. Good place for families, friends and colleagues – which means, can get noisy, without anybody bothering. J