Faces from Bhutan

Wouldn’t you agree if i say that hills and innocence go in tandem? Over the years, I have come to believe that the hills shield its people from the adulteration and complications of the city life. Why else would so many faces look at you with such pure smiles and naivety, that would lead you to believe that all is not lost to modernisation?

When in Bhutan, everywhere you go, you’d be moved by the country’s natural beauty and pristine landscape. What will also move you when in Bhutan is the abundance of innocence you see on the faces of her people. It is everywhere — whether on the faces of the children playing in the streets, or when they looking out of their windows, or while on their way back from school, or while on the backs of their mothers; or on the faces of the youngsters playing street football, or when they are preparing for a dance show; or on the faces of the elderly when they are weaving outside their homes, or selling fruits by the roadside, or when praying….

Posting below a few of such enamoring photographs.  I have many more — check them all out on the Facebook page — FB Page of WheelsOnOurFeet

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