Review: Biryani 360 in Mumbai

Biryani. And the love for it, unites us as a family. Like our standard dialogue (borrowed heavily from the movie, Dil Chata Hai), “Hum acchi Biryani ke liye kahi bhi ja sakte hai….We can go anywhere for a good Biryani”.

And so, when the new kid in the block, Shayan Italia’s invited us to taste his labour of love, Veg and Un-Veg at Biryani 360, we were taken in by his complete confidence and spirit about his product. The fact that he was completely besotted with his baby, kind of convinced us that he was worth a complete rescheduling of Friday evening calendar! And so we decided to drive down from Powai through crazy Mumbai traffic and reach the even crazier Bandra at 9 in the night when every road leading to Bandra was choc-a-block with faithfuls for the Mount Mary’s Fair.

This better be good, Jayant warned me. This better be good, I told myself. What do you think happened? Hmm…let me carry the suspense a bit further. Let me tell you that when Shayan told us that he’d serve both the Veg and the Un-Veg Biryanis, we told him point-blank that we, as a family, consider Veg Biryani to be Pulao!! That it has to be Mutton Biryani to be Good Biryani. Nothing else! Not even Chicken. Why? Chicken is not meat family, according to us.

Should I break the suspense now? Should I tell you the Biryani 360 is ‘EUREKA’?  Should I tell you that I happened to tweet “Will Biryani 360 change the Bandra foodscape?” and by 11 in the night, was convinced that “Biryani 360 may just about change Mumbai’s Biryani-scape”!

Yeah, it was that good!!! He served us the Veg Biryani first. And converted me! We, who never never like Veg Biryani, found the Veg Biryani 360 with just the right flavour, just the right aroma, the right right taste, and oh, what an absolutely delightful after-taste. As I said, we are converts now. Yes, people with the right tricks and the desire to create, can indeed create wonderful things. Here was proof!

And then came the Chicken Biryani. Soft succulent pieces, with the signature veggies, this was again a delight. There is no way you will not fall in love with the Un-Veg 360.

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They make it fresh, with the best ingredients sourced from the best places, the effect completely shows in what they give you to eat. Biryani 360 is soon going to hit the city, through their online booking system. And in all likelihood, own it!!!

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