Where Do You Get Clay In Mumbai For Making Eco-friendly Ganapati?

We have been making our own Ganapati for years now. No, we didn’t learn it anywhere, not did we inherit any sculpting skills from our forefathers. Jayanta simply started making it looking at a photo, my daughter emulated him, and both of them have now ‘mastered’ their own Ganapati art. It helps that we like to keep it simple – no colour, no embelishments. And so, every year, about a month before Ganesh Chaturthi, we get clay and sit down to make our own eco-friendly Ganapati.

Let’s start at the very beginning — Where, in Mumbai, do you get clay for making eco-friendly Ganapati? Answer is — at Kumharwada in Dharavi. And here are the details —

Where is Kumharwada located? At Dharavi. If going from the Eastern Express Highway, take the turn toward Sion Hospital and keep going straight. Cross the flyover for the train line and a little ahead will be Kumharwada to your right.

Who should you ask for clay in Kumharwada? There is a line of shops of the potters, known as Kumhars. Go to any shop and ask for help. They will take you to the rear of the shop and give you how much you want.

How much does clay cost in Kumharwada? 20 rupees a kilogram! That’s cheap and affordable, right? They also supply to numerous schools and NGOs in Powai at the same rates.

Can you take your car to Kumharwada? Yes, it didn’t look all that congested to us. We were there around 11.30 in the morning. We were in a cab, though.

What else do you get in Kumharwada? It’s a potter’s market, and so, you get a whole lot of earthen ware – idols, small pots for decoration, earthen water filters, big pots for Puja, lamps, etc. I couldn’t resist the temptation of buying a few non-coloured pots. Brought them home for some creative work with my daughter.

Hope this post answers you clay-related queries. Go ahead and buy some clay from Kumharwada and help keep our precious lakes and sea still breathing! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Where Do You Get Clay In Mumbai For Making Eco-friendly Ganapati?

  • Shankaran

    Thank you for sharing this info Woof…. My mom requested clay for making a Ganapathy and this place was really helpful…. Found it instantly and was accessible also… Thanks a ton for sharing the information….

    • WOOF Post author

      Hi Shankaran, we are delighted you found this useful..thank you for your kind words. Do share the post in your network of friends so that they can benefit too.

  • Sonali Thakrar

    Hi…. I read about you and your daughter looking for clay to make eco ganapati and finally located the shops in Kumharwada, Dharavi. Thanks for the information. Now I want to find out if they home deliver the clay somewhere in Powai. If yes, then can i have their contact no? I would be grateful to you if you can provide me with the nos. We, Rotary Club of Bombay Powai, organise eco ganapati workshop every year for BMC school children.

    Sonali Thakrar

    • WOOF Post author

      Hi Sonali,
      Am afraid i do not have phone numbers…but if you go and order, they’d probably deliver to Powai for some extra charge. Btw, this year, they charged us Rs 40 per kg of clay.

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