Pizza Express Comes To Powai, Mumbai

Powai has a new Pizza joint. Pizza Express. In the same place where there is Papa Johns and Dominos. Pizza Hut is a few meters away. Power to people, I say. Power to choose.

Apparently they had been doing very well in their other chains around the city, and despite setting up shop in Saki Naka a few months ago, they came to Powai now. Surely, they would have felt that there is good demand to sustain the Hiranandani rentals. Well, the Powai’s joint is their sixth.

Last evening was their launch party, where they invited a lot of people over drinks and pizzas. And did their bit to tell Powai that they had arrived with a Mob Dance in the promenades of Hiranandani Gardens’ High Street.

Liquor license had been given to them only for yesterday. The staff confirmed that they were expecting the final license to come by end August.

Was happy to find their breads very tasty. They had mini versions of Garlic Breads and other breads over some light topping. Freshly baked, they made for the perfect starters with the rains pouring down outside. Mini Pizzas came in next, again, with various toppings – Margaritas, Tandoori Chicken, homemade Pesto sauce, Mushrooms and Rocket Leaves. Liked all of them, although, the base sauce was a little too spicy. They told us that they import the base Tomato sauce for all of their chains in order to maintain parity with the original taste. Ended the evening with mini Chocolate Pastries and Cheesecakes.

Very friendly staff. Didn’t look one bit overwhelmed tending to the huge crowd. And gladly told us about the ‘Striped’ Chefs who undergo rigorous training to churn out the breads we so loved. Danced with doughs too.

A large place with good décor and seating, hope Pizza Express doesn’t end up being another joint for Kids’ birthday parties.

Wishing them the best. Hope Pizza Express delivers us from those atrocious pizzas that had no creativity on them!

Pizza Express opens in Powai today onwards — 17th July 2014. A complete review  of the restaurant in some time…..

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