Restaurant Review: Chendebji Resort in Chendebji, Bhutan

You come to Chendebji on your way to Bumthang or Gangtey. We are driving from Punakha to Bumthang and arrived at Chendebji around 2 pm in the afternoon, famished. Sonam, our guide, took us to Chendebji Resorts for lunch. He had asked us about our lunch preference in the morning itself, and so, by the time we reached the restaurant, our lunch was waiting for us.

How is Chendebji Resort in Chendebji, Bhutan? Very spacious and very clean. It being a lunch stop for us, we headed straight for the washrooms first and were happy to find both clean and well-maintained.

A 2-min walk from the Chendebji Chorten, the resort is by the river against the green hills of Chendebji. While at the restaurant, you can’t miss the roar of the river and will fight back temptation to go down to check it out…

The dining room is a large hall with provisions for seating of around 50 people. The two lady staff were extremely gracious and helped us with coffee and hot water when requested.

Before you enter the restaurant, you pass through another large hall housing artefacts and handicrafts of Bhutan made by local artisans. There were Kiras, Ghos, paintings, antiques, thangkas – but we found them to be exorbitantly priced. Good collection though!

How is the food at Chendebji Resort in Chendebji, Bhutan? Sonam had ordered Pork Momos, Chicken Curry and Red rice on our behalf and we devoured them. We had requested the Chicken Curry to be made in Bhutanese style. One of the tastiest meals in our entire trip!!

The menu card did say that they make Indian, Nepalese, Continental and Chinese food too. But we stuck to Bhutanese. When in Bhutan, eat what the Bhutanese eat, being our motto.

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Final Word on Chendebji Resort in Chendebji, Bhutan:  Perfect stopover for that lunch or tea when on your way to Bumthang, Gangtey or Trongsa. Apparently they have rooms for lodging too. Can’t comment on those as we didn’t stay there.


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