Eatery Review: Cafe Boda in Powai

Bongs in Mumbai have been upset since the time Arselan shut shop in Mumbai. After all, no other joint serves as good Bengali Biryani as Arselan did — neither Calcutta Club not Bhojohori Manna nor Bijoli Grill.

And so, when sometime back Cafe Boda opened shop in Powai, we were somewhat curious. A number of our friends too had been speaking about it. And so, this weekend, when I was loathe to cook, we called Cafe Boda for the home delivery of their Biryani.

What came home were 2 small dabbas for INR 628 (!!!). The quantity of food per dabba is such that a person with a good appetite will not be satiated. It had the customary potato, mutton pieces and boiled egg, and the taste was good too. Reminded us of the initial Hangla days. Nothing like Arselan though. And to be priced at 300+ for that quantity is criminal. Why, even Kakori House gives more Biryani for that amount.

We were thoroughly aghast! Over-Priced for the quantity they give. Cafe Boda, this is not how you will make loyal patrons in Powai!

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