Restaurant Review: Vetro at The Oberoi, Mumbai

Vetro at the Oberoi is a classy place with personalized attention. Chef Raffelle takes pain to meet most of the diners to understand their preference and suggest what they would like from the fairly exhaustive menu. The recommendations are  spot on and a culinary delight.

Ambience & Food @Vetro at the Oberoi, Mumbai: The restaurant has a beautiful contemporary décor and the service is warm & excellent.

We started off with a combination of 3 starters (slightly modified), for each of us wanted to sample ‘more than just one Appetiser’.  We were recommended the ‘Fresh Burrata with Porcini Mushroom’ — an absolutely amazing creation! The flavors and the texture were a perfect blend. The ‘Tuna Tartare’ was next – with the delightful puree complementing it. The last item was Goat cheese and that melt-in-the-mouth variety.

For mains, each of us opted for our personal favorites – but couldn’t help sharing the same, for they were as good as the starters! We had ordered Ravioli, Pork Belly and Lamb Chops. The stylishly done up Ravioli was as much of a visual delight as it was tasty. The Honey Glazed Pork Belly was excellent as well, though a tad stiff. The Lamb Chops were out of a cooking book with excellent flavor. Sadly it was a bit raw and tough to eat. We had ordered it medium rare and while the outside appearance was to die for, the meat adjoining the bone was not cooked. However, we were too happy with the overall experience to complain.

Deserts were well … Mind-Blowing!!!  We ordered a ‘Selection of Vetro Signature Desserts’ which I would strongly recommend to all as it has small portions of delightful Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Fig Ice Cream & Chocolate Favé. Couldn’t decide which was better and we lapped it all up. The ice cream accompanied with soft chocolate centered cake was again top notch.

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Final word on Vetro at the Oberoi, Mumbai: A lovely evening — amazes me to think what love for food can drive chefs to create!!  Go to Vetro for that exclusive, classy evening where everything, just everything is perfect and Fairy-tale.