First Day First Ride in #MumbaiMetro

O, God knows, we had been waiting for this day!! The day #MumbaiMetro would start plying its own.

And the coveted First Day First Ride was the icing on the cake!! Off we went, to be a part of the euphoria. Hysteria actually. Mumbai was over the moon!! It too had waited for all these years…

We hooted, clapped, squealed, clicked, posed, recorded, waved when it started and took us from Versova to Ghatkopar and back from Ghatkopar to Versova. And despite the high-profile presence of the Chief Minister, Ambani family, it was the joy of the Aam Mumbaikar that carried the day….

Check out the lovely pictures–

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Watch #MumbaiMetro Cross Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Andheri during its first ride on 8th June 2014 — #MumbaiMetro First Ride on YouTube

#FareFight — Why should you charge Rs 10 for a route that had for years cost people more than Rs150 and 90 precious minutes one way? Dear Mumbai Metro, please charge a logical rate so that you can maintain the stations and the trains and can add more routes soon…

4 thoughts on “First Day First Ride in #MumbaiMetro

  • nadia

    I loved how the train is decorated with flowers! We didn’t have that here when the Dubai Metro was inaugurated.

    Congrats to the people of Mumbai! May this be a safe, convenient and fast way for everyone who uses the public transportation.

    • WOOF Post author

      Thank you Nadia for sharing the joy!! MumbaiMetro is already seeing a number of converts…hope it eases traffic in the long run, and does away with the rogu auto-wallas and taxi drivers. 🙂

  • mayur

    10 rupees is the welcome sort of rate. there is already dispute over metro train fare. Theres a certain authority which regulates fare charges of public transport and the metro rail may not abide by that in coming future.

    10 Rupees is not much agree, but they should not also charge too much to make it just a rich men’s toy.

    Anyways, awesome post and nice pictures, enjoyed visiting this post.

    • WOOF Post author

      Hi Mayur,
      Not suggesting they charge exorbitantly. Just want them to charge practical rates. Auto-fare for less than 3km distance in Mumbai is more than Rs10. My whole concern is, the Metro should be able to sustain itself, maintain its standards and increase new routes. Hope the court decides in favour of all…

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