Restaurant Review: Mahesh Lunch Home in Juhu (Mumbai)

We went to Mahesh Lunch Home in Juhu after about 7 years yesterday!!! The first time we had gone there, it was our initial days in Mumbai. Remeber ordering Prawn Biryani and hating it. Well, that wasnt the reason for not going all these years. We simply found other, new ones.

But after a play at Prithvi yesterday, we were starving and headed straight to MLH for Pomfret Gassi and Tisrya (Clams) Sukha with Neer Dosa for main course. But before that we had Prawn Butter Garlic and Rawas Tawa Fry for starters over some soft and hard drinks. Needless, to say, every dish was cooked to perfection. My daughter especially loved the Clams Sukha. They had made the Pomfret excessively spicy and my daughter couldn’t eat a bite. We too had to puff and pant. Partly our fault — we hadn’t pointed out to the staff taking the orders to be mild with the chillies. But partly their fault too — they should have seen that we had a little girl with us.

The food was excellent though. Probably one of the best places in Mumbai for Maharashtrian-Mangalorean Sea Food. 

All of the above cost us INR 2800. MLH was never cheap…

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