Photos from the ‘Rules Book’ @Windarmere Hotel in Darjeeling

This classy and utterly colonial hotel in Darjeeling had been a boarding house for bachelor tea-planters from England and Scotland initially way back in the 19th century. It was converted to the famous ‘Windamere Hotel’ in the 1930s, post which, started an era of high profile stays from around the world. You can’t stop clicking pictures here. Just so that you are able to take back  home a piece of history. I will collate all of those photos and share them with you upon my return to Mumbai.
Now, however, I want to share with you the ‘still-the-boarding-house-feel’ I got while staying at and touring this old beauty. There are instructions everywhere – about the geysers, the heaters, the grand piano, about the windows, the furniture pieces in the bar and music room – everywhere!!! Have been extremely amused so far. And on my guard too. So much so that, before I touch anything now, or take my drink to the dining room, I look for instructions or take permissions!! 😀 Photos from the Rules Book @Windarmere Hotel then. Smile!!!

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