Eatery Review: Hangla in Powai, Mumbai

We had been Hangla fans from the time Hangla had not set up their joint in Powai. Their Bandra joint was enough to convert us into loyal patrons. The Mutton Egg Rolls felt they were from Kolkata. Why wouldn’t a Bengali convert, tell me! 

When they came to Powai, we started ordering their Mutton Biryani as well. With a huge potato and a boiled egg along with that huge tender mutton piece, we had found our recourse for the days when we craved for Kolkata Biryani or for those days when the kitchen in the house looked like an enemy!

Over the past 3 years though, Hangla’s mutton Biryani has undergone a huge shift in taste. When we pointed this to the management, they lamented that Powai being so cosmopolitan, the demand was for ‘spicier’ biryani. Ah! Kolkata Biryani is anything but spicy. Kolkata Biryani is rich in flavour with almost no sign of spices…We felt so let down. Our orders became less frequent. And anyway, Arselan had come to the city with bigger offerings. We switched loyalties. Hangla, now became our third choice — after Arselan (now shut down) and Kakori House. Until about 2 months back, when we were busy moving houses, neck-deep in work and stress and ordered Biryani from Hangla. Hoping it would be soul food. Well the Mutton Biryani came with a dead cockroach too!! That was it! Our orders for Hangla stopped from that day onwards.

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    • WOOF Post author

      This is what happens with the next-door regulars….we have ordered so many times from Hangla, but have never taken any pics!!! In fact, this is quite unusual with us…Sorry for this!

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