Restaurant Review: Kebabs On The Grill @Phoenix Market City, Mumbai

Food options at the Phoenix Market City in Kurla (Mumbai) is pathetic. Last Sunday, after the movie Hawa Hawaai, we wanted to go for some lunch and hunted for a good name. We didn’t find any. Other than the regular Creme Center and Bombay Blue and Rajdhani, Moti Mahal, Poush, there weren’t any good names. We finally opted for Kebabs On The Grill, a chain from Chennai???!

How is the ambience at Kebabs On The Grill?  Very basic. It operates more like a fast food restaurant, with plastic plates and glasses. The food court type of arrangement, you know. But clean.

How is the food at Kebabs On The Grill? Honestly speaking, food is decent. We ordered Kakori Kababs and Roomali Roti for me and my daughter, while Jayanta ordered a Non-Veg Combo that came with Rice, Roti, Dal and Butter Chicken. The Kakori Kebabs weren’t spicy at all, but they lacked the juiciness. 80% there but lacked the final leg. Jayanta was more or less happy with his plate. We were hungry  and the food was basic, not great, not bad either. We downed them all with a glass of sweet Lassi and a bottle of Mirinda.

All of the above cost us under INR 600. Not bad.

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Final word on Kebabs On The Grill: Allright if you are starving. Else, give Kebabs on the Grill a miss.

 I will still lament the absence of a good place where you can have a good glass of wine over some good food. Phoenix Market City appears to me not suited for the speciality restaurants such as Indigo Deli or Smoke House Deli because of the near absence of HNI footfalls. Food courts and the normal Indian fare with mid-level pricing seems to be what is more sought after there. Too bad though. For the mall has some high class brands there. Those who shop from the likes of Debenhams, Mango, Zara etc, would also like to have a meal at an equivalent place. R-City mall beats them in crowd demographics hands down.

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