Restaurant Review: Global Fusion in Saki Naka

Global Fusion is a favorite haunt for most Mumbaikar who loves Oriental food and buffets. Although the food is not outstanding, it is pretty good for the price and Value-For-Money overall. The fact that it serves alcohol is an added plus, though I have had serious challenges in getting white wine at the right temeperature here.

How’s the food at Global Fusion in Saki Naka? The starters here are very good and the variety will leave you emotionally satiated. There are Indian kebabs served on the table, a whole range of Oriental starters where you go and leave your table numbers next to the slips kept near sample plates.  Nice concept … Where you are served on the table while getting to choose your stuff.

There is a clear emphasis on seafood and a variety of prawn dishes are on offer. There is a counter for Sushi (assorted, mostly un-authentic) and Sashimi as well – okay in taste. But a number of my friends have complained of stomach problems post the Japanese fare here at the Global Fusion.

The main course is average with only Crab Curry standing out as an exception. Standard Mutton and Chicken dishes along with a range of Veg dishes are there for all. Recently, have heard some complaints that the aroma of seafood and meat is driving off the pure  vegetarian diners there.

Deserts – this is clearly the weak area and needs serious improvement. There is an ice-cream counter along with bite-sized pastries hidden behind the open kitchen near the washrooms.

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How is the ambience at Global Fusion in Saki Naka? Oh, it’s a big place here in Saki Naka. Quite well spread out and very good if you are in a big group. Clearly, the aim is to cater to the crowd from the nearby offices and business centers in Andheri East. The staff is very friendly and keen to serve and when in a large group, you need to tell them to stop.

Final Word on Global Fusion in Saki Naka: Overall a good place for group with big appetites – primarily non-vegeterians who enjoy oriental food and sea-food. For people who only enjoy Indian food, go elsewhere.

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