Restaurant Review: Paradise in Colaba (Mumbai)

Paradise in Colaba, Mumbai

What is that saying about the best things in life coming in small packages? It couldn’t be more true for Paradise in Colaba, the BEST Parsi restaurant in Mumbai!!! They would have set shop , one tiny, cosy joint in the bustling Colaba aeons ago,  and they stay the same . In decor, menu, staff. Why, if you go there after lunch hours, you will, in all likelihood, find the Manager taking a nap in the rear bench. The famed nap of a Parsi.

How is the decor/ambience at Paradise? As I said, nothing must have changed from the time they started business. A small cosy place with just about 6 tables, once inside, you’d forget that the world has moved to the internet age. Here, life’s appears to have stood still — with the elderly staff dressed in olden days brown jackets nonchalantly taking your order; the paintings on the walls depicting how Adam and Eve would have started the world; the occasional elderly Paradise regular who strikes up a conversation with the owner from across the tables to rue about the rising prices, the independent daughter-in-law who has a mind of her own, the Cola guy who is charging too much for the refrigerator. You are amused of course!!! And then comes the food. To bowl you over!!

What to order when in Paradise @Colaba? Yeah, the regular Dhansak, Patrani Macchi, Chicken Cutlets, Mutton Salli Boti, Mutton Biryani et all. Order what you take fancy to from the menu. Food will be GOOD. Guaranteed. They have been making it for aeons now after all. And have attained Perfection!!!!!

We normally go for Mutton Salli Boti, Mutton Biryani along with Rotis. And always leave satisfied. Until the next time.

Did you say I forgot to order desserts? No, I didn’t. I go to Paradise for desserts. Yup. Their Laganu Custard. I first ask if they have made it for that day and then sit down for the meal. Laganu Custard at Paradise is to die for, kill for. I have often craved for it sitting miles away in Powai. Absolutely no other place makes it the way they do. Not even the popular Jumjoji in Bandra Reclamation.

Final word on Paradise in Colaba: Do I have to give a final word after writing all this? Can’t you see I am in love with the place? Go check it out yourself to find out the reason of my madness.

Where is Paradise in Colaba? You know where Theobroma is in Colaba? With Theobroma to your right, walk about 100-150 yards ahead and you will find Paradise on your left. In the same street. It is a small joint, so look out for it.

P. S: If in Mumbai’s suburbs, here’s word about a brand new, nice Parsi joint — SodaBottle OpenerWala in Bandra Kurla Complex