Brunch @ITC Maratha’s Peshwa Pavilion This Easters

What is an ideal Sunday? One, where your kid goes for a 2-3 hour long workshop leaving you to while away your time. Bliss. And it was just that last Sunday when our 6-year old participated in the exclusive ITC  Easter Egg Painting Workshop. Jayant and ZI sat down leisurely in the couches sipping juice as Ridi decorated Easter Eggs.

We had planned to go for a leisurely brunch anyway, and since we were already at the ITC Maratha, why go someplace else? They had an Easters Brunch spread out too at their coffee shop. Jayant, being fastidious about food, went in to check out the menu though. No taking chances with food, his motto!

Jayant has been an ITC fan for long now – he loved Dum Pukth and Bukhara in Delhi. And ITC Central in Mumbai. Little wonder then that Peshwa Pavallion too would floor him. Over to him then —

Says, its buffet is definitely better than most of its peers and manages to throw in a couple of surprises. It also lives up to the reputation ITC has garnered over the years as one of the best culinary destinations amongst 5* hotels in India.

How Was The Spead @ITC Maratha’s Peshwa Pavilion This Easters? The starters counter was loaded with cold cuts, salads, breads with dips, soups and name it. Chicken Terrine, Ham, Pork Chops, Roasted Lamb was accompanied by Prawns, Salmon and the surprise item – Oysters. This is one item that I have not seen in the coffee shops of most hotels hotels and needless to say, was a huge hit with most people. Perfectly served on a bed of ice with lemon and cheery tomatoes, it was fresh and excellent. For people who prefer the more spicier Indian variety, there were 2 kebabs – one Chicken and the other Lamb which was served on the table.

The main course had 2 sections, one for Gravies and items like Roasted Duck (another surprise). Excellent. There were 2 Chicken dishes, one Mutton gravy and a couple of oriental options including Basa. We did not venture towards the vegetarian section at all! The live pasta counter kept the kids happy. The 2nd section was dedicated to Biryani that ITC is famous for, and it did not disappoint. The Mutton Dum Biryani was fantastic – perfectly spiced with juicy and succulent pieces of lamb in it. There were Chicken & Vegetarian options was well.

The Deserts options stayed true to the Easter spirit – Easter Eggs, colourful Macaroons, Mousse, Fruits, Gulab Jamuns, Kheer, Chocolate Cake, Apple Struddle with Vanilla Ice-Cream. Boy! Were we spoilt for choice!!

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Final Word on The Spead @ITC Maratha’s Peshwa Pavilion This Easters: Suffice to say, we had to skip dinner after the leisurely 2-hour lunch. Truly in Easters spirit!!!