Pizza Hut selling Biryani in Powai?

Really? Pizza Hut will now be selling Biryani? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these posters at the Pizza Hut, Powai outlet yesterday. When i asked, the guy explained that biryani will be ‘sandwiched’ between two tandoori rotis, thus making it the ‘Birizza’!!!

My thoughts ran from, “This proves that with so many more ‘authentic’ Italian joints coming up in the neighbourhood (such as Café Mangi, Mia Cucinia, Sphagetti Kitchen etc) not many people come to Pizza Hut for pizzas anymore, to, Are they so desperate to Indianize?”And so they are all out to woo the Indian patron with this crazy ‘biryani in a pizza’ strategy? Who is their target audience for God’s sake? Wouldn’t you go to a Biryani joint if you wanted to eat Biryani, and NOT a Pizza joint? Won’t this offer severely dilute Pizza Hut’s brand?

The food-lover and the marketer in me is bewildered!! Frankly, I would be curious to know the footfalls on account of this mind-boggling idea!

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