Restaurant Review: Le Mangii in Juhu, Mumbai

We are regulars at Café Mangii Khar and Versova and frankly a little tired of their menu which has been same for some time now. So when we decided to try out another option (after trying out most of the other options in the city), we ‘thought’ Le Mangii will be … well … different. Had no clues that this is the same restaurant chain, same menu … just “a premium Café Mangii” as boasted by the manager there.  Claiming to be premium, but having the same menu just with higher price – am not sure how that works for regulars.A very nicely done up place though.


The main reason for disappointment was reservations. Last year, around end Aug, we had a music rehearsal at Versova and had decided to drive down to Juhu for dinner. Hence, had a booking for 10 pm at Le Mangi. When we reached, we were made to wait at the bar area for 45 Minutes. The manager didn’t even bother to check till 10:45 pm if we had a booking though we clearly told the same to the staff there upon entry. He was actually surprised to see our name there when reminded AGAIN. We were constantly told a table will be made available in 5 mins and when we actually stood up to leave the place sick & tired, we were given one. Completely unprofessional and terrible service – especially when we had a 5 yr old sleepy kid with us. No apologies, NOTHING!

Where is Le Mangi (Juhu) located?  Cross Prithvi Theater, drive ahead and turn left towards Novotel. Keep driving straight ahead and Le Mangi is at the end of the AB Nair Road.

How is the food at Le Mangi, Juhu? Leaving that aside, the manager tried making us comfortable, ensuring that the table was available ONCE we were in. The place is very nice and a good crowd … food, as usual. We ordered our Gnocchi with Pesto sauce (much better than their Versova or Khar outlet), Fusilli Mama Rossa and Spaghetti Bolognese … the last item being a little undercooked but tasty. A Sangria and beer to go with it and we were just satisfied. Nothing special, nothing premium about the experience though.

Final Verdict from WOOF: Don’t think we will be there again. Wish they behaved a little professionally when managing reservations. The Bar is nice though … recommend to couples looking for a quite experience.

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  • prembajaj

    right. Le Mangii is nothing special being upmarket of sorts. the Cafe Mangii at Powai still rakes the best spot (ambience, crowd, and parking) for a trendy/continental eatery and great service from the managers and waiters alike. guess the management is getting too causal in respecting their customer base for variety.

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