Eatery Review: Amar Juice Centre in Ville Parle, Mumbai

Where do you get the best Pav-Bhaji in Mumbai? The answer is almost a no-brainer – Amar Juice Centre in Ville Parle. Yes, they are the same joint who got into a lot of trouble with the authorities and the Juhu residents last year. The bone of contention was the fact that its flood of patrons would almost take over the entire street and the bye-lanes until midnight every day in order to have a quick bite. Police put their foot down and stationed one of its vans with its men near the eatery in order to ensure that no resident was inconvenienced due to diners parking their cars and bikes. Such is Amar Juice Center’s following!!!

Amar Juice Centre in Ville Parle, Mumbai

What to order @Amar Juice Centre Ville Parle? Their Pav Bhaji has been award-winning over the years. The Pavs (Mumbai’s version of dinner rolls) are soaked in butter, and the Bhaji (boiled and mashed veggies in a spicy gravy) is to die for. They put a generous dollop of butter in the Bhaji too. Forget those calories, and you are sure to enjoy a plateful any evening.

We also love their Grilled Vegetables & Cheese Mumbaiya Sandwich. Layered with boiled potatoes, raw cucumbers, onions, bell peppers, Mint-Coriander Chutney and Grated Cheese, one such sandwich can be a daunting challenge for one person’s appetite!!

Down it all with a glass of seasonal fruit juice or shake. Simple ask the waiters what juice/shake they have and order accordingly. Now that it is summers, their Mango Shake and Watermelon Juice are the biggest sellers.

Amar Juice Center also sells Idli, Dosa, Uttapams, but take our word, stick to what they sell best – Pav Bhaji, Mumbaiya Sandwich and Fruit Juices/Shakes

What Makes Amar Juice Center So Special? The fact that —

  • It’s a street eatery. There are very few chairs and tables. They mostly bring the food upto your car. This way, you can have it inside the AC comfort of your car.
  • It is extremely reasonably priced. Most often, a meal plus drinks don’t cost more than Rs 200 per person.
  • And it are the biggest leveller — We often see high end cars like BMWs, Audis parked alongside Scooters and Cycles.
  • It stays open until the wee hours of the morning. The best place to turn to after a late night movie in Juhu or a play at Prithvi.

Address/Location of Amar Juice Center: Amar Juice Centre is on the street adjacent the Cooper Hospital in Juhu/Ville Parle, Mumbai. With Mithibhai College on your right hand side, drive down up to the next big signal (Cooper Hospital Signal) and that’s where Amar Juice Centre is.