Bade Miyan in Colaba – Must-Eat at in Mumbai

Suhel Seth once famously said, “Mumbai believes Bade Mian makes the best kababs: in Delhi, Bade Mian would not even be hired to operate a school canteen.”

And more recently, a friend wrote in to say that Bade Miyan is all hype and not worth the high rates they charge!

🙂 That got me thinking. When we moved from Delhi to Mumbai 7 years ago, we too had made a beeline for Mumbai night-life’s famous institution, Bade Miyan in Colaba, but drove out disappointed. Kothay Karims (in Delhi), and kothay Bade Miyan, we sneered. Destined to be Mumbaikars though, we soon converted. And became Bade Miyan lovers. This is how —

Bade Miyan in Colaba (2)

So what’s special about Bade Miyan? The air about it! Truly. You may find food that it better than this place in many other joints. But in which street eatery will you find the waiters come up to your car, ask you to open its bonnet, stick in an empty bottle of coke to make the bonnet stand, spread newspapers on it and make a table out of it in the middle of a busy street with 20 other cars ‘decked up’ in similar fashion? Our bewilderment had given way to complete amusement the first time we see them do this.

Plus, you can tell you are approaching Bade Miyan from two streets away — first, owing to the line of cars quietly queuing up for it. And second? The aroma, of course!!

What to order at Bade Miyan, Colaba? Well, that’s they key. To order right at Bade Miyan. Just shot off a mail to the friend who had complained that food wasn’t good. Told him to order Mutton Bhuna Gosht with Roomali Roti or Baida Roti the next time he is there. And also take Chicken Tengri as snacks. My daughter would love the Chichen Tengri from the age she was 3. Yeah, we started her early with street food. And no, she never got a bad stomach.

Bade Miyan in Colaba (1)

You can also ask them to make a Roll of the Mutton Bhuna Gosht. And ask for extra lemon pieces. Squeeze them into the roll and you would be rolling in the gourmet heaven!!

As I sign off, I find, my mouth is watering. Its mid-week and I live in Powai. No way can I get near the famous South Mumbai street before weekend!! Sigh!!!

Bade Miyan Address/Location: Simply head for the lane behind Taj Hotel in Colaba and you will be at Bade Miyan!