Ever Had Paan @Muchhaad Paanwalla, Breach Candy (Mumbai)?

Muchhaad Paanwalla at Breach Candy in Mumbai. Oh, haven’t you heard about them? They are famous all over Mumbai and outside for doling out some unimaginable types of Paan – Chocolate Paan, Strawberry Paan, Rasberry Paan (spelt Rashbhari in their menu!)!!! It appears to me, they make a Paan of whatever catches their fancy – strawberries, pineapples, raspberries and even chocolates.

Muchhaad Paanwalla at Breach Candy , Mumbai (3)

And they are famous for one more reason – for sporting the queerest moustaches!! And that’s why the name ‘Muchhaad’, meaning moustache!

Muchhaad Paanwalla at Breach Candy , Mumbai (4)

We normally go there for their more ‘normal’ offering – the Jodi Paan, a Paan that comes in a tiny pair, filled with cherries, dates and chilled. The other normal ‘Mitha Paan’ is also good. But be warned, their ‘mitha’ is really mitha (sweet). You’d be forgiven if you go for it as a desserts option!! People with high blood sugar levels, please avoid them!!

Muchhaad Paanwalla started some 3-4 decades ago by Jaishankar Tiwari, and has grown to be Mumbai’s most famous Paan address. Not too long ago, they even had a website that took orders of Paans from its loyal patrons. The website is now defunct. Perhaps owing to a bitter, ongoing family feud.

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Where is Mucchaad Paanwalla located? Take the right turn from Mahalakshmi Temple to enter the Breach Candy Road. Drive about a kilometre or so and you will find the Paan shop to your left.

PS: Don’t bother to ask about the price of a Paan. They defy Breach Candy rentals!

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