How Are The Pet Shops in Mumbai’s Crawford Market

One section of the Crawford Market in Mumbai has about 20-25 shops that sell various breeds of cats and dogs, different types of birds, fishes for the aquarium and large indoor rabbit cage filled with rabbits too. Enter from the main entry gate of Crawford Market, turn right, take the first left from the Farsan shops, go past the fruits market in the open courtyard and right in front of you will be the Pets Shops.

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Are the Pet Shops in Crawford Market legal? Doubtful. Although they have been there for many years now, I remember reading a newspaper report last year that called for a complete closure of these pet shops in Crawford Market. I googled for the report and here is the link for it —

Apparently, illegal trade in animals and birds thrive in Crawford Market. Plus, one cannot be sure if the owners of the shops treat their animals well. When considering a pet for myself, I know that my pet needs that early start in their life to be abuse free or else I believe that, that animal might harm me one day.

What Precautions Should You Take If Buying Pets From Crawford Market?

  1. First, find out if the breed/type of animal you want to buy is allowed to be bought/sold according to relevant laws in India.
  2. Study about the pet you want to buy and access if you can provide it the right care in your home.
  3. No matter how adorable they look, do not buy anything on the face-value or the insistence of the pet-shop owners in Crawford Market. They may try to sell you a sick animal. Best way is to go to a vet directly and check for the health of the animal you bought. Negotiate this in advance with the shop owner. If he resists, do not buy from him.
  4. Do not buy the birds. Have read in a whole lot of articles which go on to say that most of the birds sold in Crawford Market fall in the endangered list. Plus, they do not survive for long when caged. Similarly for the rabbits.
  5. Fishes for your fish tank/aquarium are easily available here. So are the tank’s accessories. The rates are good too.

6 thoughts on “How Are The Pet Shops in Mumbai’s Crawford Market

  • bhavesh palekar

    goverment of india should take a serious action against such illegal sale of such beautiful animal and birds

  • Kushal

    Government should take action against the selling of animals. As we dont have right to sell or buy animals. Animals need Love not cage.

    • WOOF Post author

      Its funny Kushal…the police station is right opposite Crawford Market. In India, they first allow illegal activities, thrive on them for years, until a PIL comes and SC orders a stop…

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