Review: Oh Calcutta’s & ICICI Bank’s Special Menu @Tardeo, Mumbai

Oh Calcutta, Tardeo and only Tardeo, has been one of our favorite restaurants in Mumbai and we just can’t have enough of the boneless Ilish’s and Kakra Chingri Bhapa there.

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For a change though, this Sunday afternoon, we decided to try their special ICICI Bank’s special menu. And were, partly disappointed 🙁 Here’s why —

Menu of the ICICI Bank’s special menu @Oh Calcutta Tardeo: The offer is good. Great, actually for big eaters. For 650+ taxes, you get an unlimited 4-course meal with 3 starters – Mochar Chop (excellent), Murshidabad Murgi Fry (juicy, spicy and perfectly cooked boneless, pan cooked) & Roshun Bhapa Maach (melt in your mouth but a little strong in garlic flavor) in the non-veg option. I did order a second round of the fish out of pure greed!

For the main course, it was Steamed Rice with Cholar Dal followed by Kancha Lonka Murgi (Chicken) & Phoolkopi Shorshe. The cauliflower was average and avoidable. Chicken was excellent and spicy. We ate it sans the rice considering more was yet to come. And then came the Luchi (Bengali Puris) with our all-time favorite Kosha Mangsho (mutton). Yumm yumm yumm, as usual! They had Plastic Chutni (too sweet) and Papad (too oily) as accompaniment. We avoided both! For desserts, it was the quintessential Sandesh and Roshogolla, and Ice cream too. All of the above with Aam Poda Sharbat – looked an alien green, and although the taste was just fine, we knew it wasn’t the natural one. 🙁

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Positives of the ICICI Bank’s special menu @Oh Calcutta Tardeo: You get to sample a wide variety of food at about Rs. 800 per head. This can be great if you are one with a big apppetitie and going as a couple

Negatives of the ICICI Bank’s special menu @Oh Calcutta Tardeo: We did not get to try our favorites – Smoked Ilish (hilsa) and Kakra Chingri Bhapa

Service: Friendly, as is usual with them. But it being a Sunday afternoon, it was a housefull and clearly the staff and chef had been stretched beyond capacity. We had to wait for at least 10 mins between each starter and then another 20 for the main course. Long gaps layer, they could manage only small portions for the items. For instance, 1 plate of Luchis for 4 people and one plate mutton!!! The refills came so late that the Luchi’s were absolutely cold and hard – spoiling what would have otherwise been a perfect meal.

Verdict on the ICICI Bank’s special menu @Oh Calcutta Tardeo: We will go back, but not for a set menu. Wish they had buffet instead, like in Delhi.

By the way, we burped away until late evening and had to skip dinner!!!

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