SpiceJet’s Super Holi Ticket ‘Sale’

Airlines Ticket ‘Sales’ are on in India once again. Big time; and with every Airline joining in, Spice Jet, Indigo. Reason? Holi, Summer Vacations – name it and they have a reason.

Question is, are the tickets ‘sale’ real or, just an eye-wash? Allright, there are deep discounts for journeys after 90 days. But isn’t that true anyway at any time of the year? The truth then is, like most ‘Sale’ in India, this is a complete hogwash to grab attention and fool people into buying tickets.

Here is an example – Spice Jet’s current ‘Super Holi Ticket Sale’! Spice Jet recently announced a Super Holi Ticket Sale!! This, after they had done one round of ‘Summer Sale’ about a month back, end January-beginning February. With newspapers, websites, news channels screaming ‘Ticket Sale’ at the top of their lungs, people are making a beeline for it. Especially those who missed out on last month’s ‘sale’, including me. However, have you taken a closer look at this supposed ‘sale’? Let me show you — I was looking at Kolkata-Mumbai return fares. And here is the reality:

  • Got the onward journey, Mumbai to Kolkata for INR 3090 base fare. Fuel charges Rs. 700.
  • The return Kolkata to Mumbai showed a base fare of Re 1 only!!!
  • Yipeee? No. Bullshit!
  • Take a closer look at the screen-shot from Spice-Jet’s website’s ticketing page. The base fare is a farce. The fuel surcharge for the same distance/route changed from Rs. 700 onward journey to Rs. 3650 in the return!!!
  • Hence, both fares are almost the same, irrespective of the ‘special sale fare’ by Spice Jet.

SpiceJet Ticket Sale

Isn’t it about time Airlines in India stopped cheating customers and learnt the ‘ethics’ word in the dictionary??!!!


4 thoughts on “SpiceJet’s Super Holi Ticket ‘Sale’

  • Shishir Hegde

    Vert true……i myself noticed this fr a flight frm Mumbai to manglore….it’s just eyewash and this is how ppl fall fr their trap….beware guys..

  • Subhabrata Biswas

    A colleague of mine bought return tickets for Mumbai-Trivandram sector for Rs 2.2k or something like that. That’s cheaper than 2nd ac train fare. So there must be some reality to the ‘sale’?
    I have not tried to book tickets – so I have no first hand experience myself.

    • WOOF Post author

      Wow!! When was that for, anytime soon or later in the year? After the DGCA notice that went out on 1st April, spiceJet has removed the Re 1 base fare. We checked last night, they are offering a Rs 2000 flat for most sectors in Nov-Dec now. Guess, it’s an effect of the DGCA notice.

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