Alphonsos Have Arrived at Crawford Market, Mumbai

In Mumbai, you need not wait until summers for the king of fruits to arrive. They arrive by February itself. The much-loved and much-awaited, Mangoes. And it is the King of Mangoes that arrive first – the Alphonsos!!

Alphonsos Have Arrived at Crawford Market, Mumbai (5)

We were at Crawford Market over the weekend and it was Alphonsos-Alphonsos everywhere. Hawkers peddling them in dozens in the boxes outside, while inside, the fruit shops were busy sorting them in the boxes.

Although huge Mango lovers ourselves, we are not fond of Alphonsos. Not only are they over-priced, we find them to be over-hyped too. Flavourless. We love our Dusseris and Lengdas.

But that’s no reflection of what most Mumbaikars feel about Alphonsos. They buy them not only for self-consumption, but also as gifts. So many people carry them to different cities/countries too.

Go to Crawford Market (in South Mumbai) then if you are an Alphonso lover. They are currently charging between INR 900-1200 for a dozen. And in think, if you show interest and haggle a bit, you can get a good rate.

Hail Mangoes! Ciao!!

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