Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind — Restaurant Staffers


You can’t blame me if i tell you that i am fussy about this. But how many of you have found it difficult to breathe when a waiter, wearing an unwashed shirt, serves food to you at a restaurant? Difficult, right? With our continuous eat-outs and escapades, i am extremely wary of those restaurants who can’t ensure that their staff wear clean clothing.

The crime is multiplied if you project yourself as a stylish, specialty restaurant. Like how i came across in Le Cafe, Ghatkopar. Touting themselves to be gourmet, their staff stunk of sweat every time they re-filled my glass, changed cutlery or came forward to serve me food.

How do you deal with such smelly kind? Put in an honest feedback in their Feedback Forms. Or, call the restaurant’s Manager to point out the lapse. It sure works for they often apologise profusely and promise to take care going forward.