Hotel Review: Hotel Oceanic in Palolem, Goa

For that ‘completetly Goa’ feel, stay in a house in Goa!!

Yup!! Resorts and hotels are same all over the world. Once inside, you wouldn’t know whether you are in Phuket or Goa or Hurghada!!And so we opted for a house that functioned like a hotel the second time we went to Goa. For a real ‘feel’ of the beach-famous city!!

Wasn’t too keen to go to Goa as I had already been here about 7 years back. But my husband and two of our very dear friends (a beautiful husband-wife duo who can go to Goa any time, walking, riding, driving or flying) gave me a ultimatum – Come or stay alone in Mumbai while we are in Goa. My 4-yr old too joined them in their arm-twisting ways – she had been lured with the sand and sand toys!!

I gave in. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not a Goa-hater. What’s more, I like the carefree holiday this place offers. My only stance is, There are so many beautiful places in the world, why waste precious time, leaves and money for the same place! Well, not many takers for this logic when it comes to Goa, I admit.

Arriving @Hotel Oceanic in Palolem Goa: And so it was, Goa bound in the first class bogies of the Mumbai CST-Madgaon train (nothing first class about the train though!!) We reached on a Thursday afternoon and the pick-up car from the hotel was there as promised. An hour’s ride took us to what looked like a small bungalow in the middle of nowhere in Palolem – no beach in site, or even at ear-shot!! We exchanged amused glances with each other. What is Goa without a view of the sea? We were at Oceanic.

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As the smiling and welcoming staff checked us in, we enquired about the beach. 5 minutes ride, they said. Huh? The room they had allotted to us was quite a large room in the ground floor. The upholstery was cotton, pastel colours. It almost looked like an extension of the colours in the sea. Simple, yet thoughtful and very inviting. Better still, my daughter was delighted to have her own little bed (a small sofa) with her own pretty cushions.

Staying @ Hotel Oceanic in Palolem, Goa: Oceanic is a lovely property. Just what one needs for a quite holiday in Goa … mark ‘quiet’ as you are just about 5 mins from the beach. The fellow boarders were a mix of old/mid-aged couples mostly from the UK. The hotel has 6 rooms and a small pool (splash pool included), with about 8 mango trees and excellent greenery all around. It is a beautifully maintained property, everything done keeping nature as priority number One. Even the welcome letter mentions langoors and kingfishers (the bird, not the beer!!) and we saw our share. Lots of lizards (eeks!!) and ants too.

We had taken a gamble with Hotel Oceanic (what with booking it after reading reviews online), and from the initial looks of it, the gamble had paid off. The staff of the hotel deserve a special mention — they go out of their way to help you. We wanted special food for our 4 yr old and they were more than willing to get it right. A clean place. The pool too. You of course need to disregard the dry leaves and twigs that fly down from the trees.

Food @Hotel Oceanic is good, all though they take forever to cook it. Nobody complained though. Weren’t we in Goa? Nobody in Goa is in a hurry. Bottom rule.

And they have special Sunday brunches with full turkey roast etc. How completely English!!

Les and Shiela, the owners, dropped in everyday and are fantastic. Their dog Dixie was a delight for my kid, not to mention a cute black and white cat which loiters around the premises and will jump on your lap and take a nap as you read a book or just laze around. Did I mention that Hotel Oceanic also has a Spa?

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Final word on Hotel Oceanic in Palolem, Goa: At Rs. 4200 a night, it’s a little steep but hey, this was the peak season. Wish they had the breakfast included in the price. Should be a Bed & Breakfast joint like all others. Would love to go back and stay again at the Oceanic again. Just the place for the books you have piled up in your cup-boards back home; just the place to pooh-pooh your city habits like being in a hurry to finish a chore or reach somewhere, looking at the watch, considering dead and fallen leaves to be dirt (yeah, some city-slickers do that!!); just the place that will drive you to depression when it’s time to pack up and go back to your city-life. For by now, you had almost converted 🙂

Contact/Address/Phone Number of Hotel Oceanic in Palolem, Goa: Les and Sheila Medcroft —

Telephone:  +91 832 2643059
Oceanic Hotel, Timbawadu, Palolem, Canacona, Goa, India

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4 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Hotel Oceanic in Palolem, Goa

  • Raghav

    Thanks for the info. I usually stay at Taj Exotica because I do enjoy the luxury but it goes without saying that staying at a house like you mentioned brings about more of a feel of the region and it is less commercial. Might check it out next time I’m there. Cheers

    • WOOF Post author

      Hi Raghav,
      We stayed at Taj Holiday Village when we first went to Goa. Exotic to the T. We loved it there. But, Oceanic is when you want a local flavour. Its clean and basic and just 5 minutes away from the beach ……we went around in a scooter…just like how the locals do. The experience was more liberating….:-)

    • WOOF Post author

      Hi Sheila,
      We loved our stay there at the oceanic. My daughter still talks about the black cat that sat on my lap while I was reading, and about the dog 🙂
      Hope you are doing good. Cheers!

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