GO To Goregaon West For The Best Furniture Stores in Mumbai

Do you think Mumbai is all glitz and pots of money when it comes to buying furniture for your house? Hey NO!!! Drive up to Bangur Nagar in Goregaon West to buy furniture of your choice and within your budget!! Forget the glitzy furniture stores in Lower Parel, or the lifestyle stores in the malls; or even the highly expensive Fab-India, or e-com portals. Furniture shops at Bangur Nagar cater to every taste and wallet.

Stretching about 2 kms between Malad and Andheri Linking Road, this is a place where you will definitely get what you are looking for at 3/4th the price elsewhere. We have been buying from here for a long time. Quality is good and trust-worthy.

Bangur Nagar in Goregaon West -- Best Furniture shops in Mumbai (5)

Important Information for Bangur Nagar Furniture Shops:

  1. Where are the furniture stores in Bangur Nagar? They are in the Link Road connecting Andheri and Malad. There is no way you will miss them. If driving from Malad, cross Inorbit Mall and keep driving towards Andheri. You will hit the furniture shops in 2 minutes (on your left) after crossing Hyper City/Inorbit Mall.
  2. What type of furniture can you buy in Bangur Nagar? Any. As I said, they cater to every taste. Be it the simple, classy woods or the jazzy, flashy leather, they have it all out here. Beds, Sofas, Dining Tables, Couches, Kids’ beds, Wardrobes, Cupboards, Office Furniture – anything!
  3. Can you tailor-make furniture at the Bangur Nagar furniture stores? Yes. They have a whole lot of ready stuff waiting to be picked up, but if you have some specific requirement, they will happily make it for you. Give them about a fortnight to deliver.
  4. Do you get upholstery too at the the Bangur Nagar furniture stores? Yes. They provide end-to-end services. Cushions, mattress, upholstery charges are often built into the complete pricing. Ask for a break-up so that you can take an informed decision.
  5. What is the best time to go to the Bangur Nagar furniture stores? The market opens at around 11am and closes at around 7.30-8 pm.
  6. When is the Bangur Nagar furniture stores closed? A few shops stay closed on Wednesdays. However, most of them take an off on Thursdays. This means, they cater to the weekend buyers!
  7. Are the Bangur Nagar furniture stores crowded? Not really. They are retail outlets and hence, the crowd flowing in is manageable. The owners, almost in every occasion, give you good, direct and personal service.
  8. How much can you save at the Bangur Nagar furniture stores? Quite a bit. One-fourth the outside market price if you negotiate well.
  9. Do they deliver the furniture pieces home at the the Bangur Nagar furniture stores? Yes. They normally charge you the ferrying charges depending upon your location. Tip – build it into your negotiations on the final pricing.
  10. Best Place to eat at/near the Bangur Nagar furniture stores? A 5-10 minute drive takes you to the most happening restaurants of Andheri-Lokhandwala. Food ain’t a problem here, really!

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11 thoughts on “GO To Goregaon West For The Best Furniture Stores in Mumbai

  • S

    Nice and useful post. I have read that some shops are not good deliver sub standard furniture. Since you have mentioned that you have been buying for a long time and furniture quality and shops are good. Can you suggest and provide the names of the Bangur Nagar furniture shops you have been buying from ? It will be really helpful.

  • S

    Thanks for the info. I have read some bad reviews about fine living shop. They don’t deliver as they have committed and some times deliver torn or damaged furniture. Have you had any such experiences recently ?
    We are looking for a sofa set. Is Fine Living the only shop you suggest ? Or Can you suggest some more shops there which you have tried and are good ones ?


    • WOOF Post author

      We bought from Fine Living. They delivered on time, we didn’t have to chase them. However, we weren’t happy with the wood quality. Look around and buy what you are comfortable with. Can’t really suggest anybody..

  • Al

    Thank you so much for this fantastic bit of information on Goregaon furniture. I was in dilemma regarding their location and If they are working on Sunday’s. Your post clears it all. Thanks a ton!

  • Ketki

    We had bought our sofa set from Asian sofa about 4 years ago and no complaints yet. We are soon going to check out a wardrobe too. Any suggestions on wood quality hope they are not mdf material.. Thanks for the usefull post.

    • WOOF Post author

      Hi Ketki,
      They have options across wood type and price ranges. Simply be careful with your choice of wood and negotiate well. You should be fine.


    • WOOF Post author

      Hi Vivek,

      They will make furniture per your specifications..will take about 2-3 weeks and a whole lot of follow-up though.


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