Restaurant Review: Calcutta Club in Andheri, Mumbai

Still reeling under the shock and disappointment of Arselan’s closure in Khar, we went to Calcutta Club at Andheri to ‘try out’ their Biryani. Now Calcutta Club has been around a long time, close to 10 years, but owing to the huge hassle of ‘crossing over’ from Powai to Andheri West, we do not go to that part of the town much. Last Sunday, we braved the traffic snarls of the Andheri station road, the Metro construction chaos though and ‘crossed over’ to Andheri.

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How is the ambiance at Calcutta Club in Andheri? Close to the Oshiwara Police Station, Calcutta Club is a small joint with just about 10 tables, minimal yet a very strong sense of Bengali in its décor. The simply painted walls were adored with the photo-frames of top Bengali artists, actors, singers, directors and movies. If a Bengali, you will feel ‘at home’ as soon as you step inside Calcutta Club.

Note, obnoxious rentals kill most food-joints in Mumbai. We were happy to find that Calcutta Club maintains a basic and elementary taste in both its choice of interior decoration, chairs-tables and selection of crockery-cutlery. God, let them make enough money to pay the rentals and the staff so that they don’t close down, was our silent prayer.

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How is the food at Calcutta Club in Andheri? At Calcutta Club, they have retained not only the colloquial name ‘Calcutta’, but have also retained all of Bengal’s flavours and spices. Order heartily from the usual Bengali menu — Fish Fry, Chicken Cutlet, Chitol Macher Muitha, Bhanpa Illish, Dhokar Dalna,Pilao, Mishti, Aam Porar Shorbat et all.

We were just the two of us, Jayant and I, and hence settled for Fish Fry, Kosha Mangsho & Luchi, and half plate of Mutton Biryani (I was craving for the Bengali Biryani, remember?). And anyway, the above fare is the best litmus test for a Bengali joint. Much to our happiness, Calcutta Club passed the test on Fish Fry with flying colours. Just the type that you would die for when eaten with the ever-so-good Kashundi. However, the Kosha Mangsho was more like a Mongshor Jhol. Too much gravy. Kosha Mangsho is supposed to be Kosha. Dry. The taste was fantastic, though. But the Mutton Biryani disappointed us. Too plain, bereft of flavour, our search for the Kolkata Biryani after the closure of Arselan seemed to be still on 🙁

We concluded the meal with a plate of Patishaptas! Boy, what the Biryani took away, the Patishaptas gave back in equal measure and more!! They were yummy yumm yumm!!!

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Will we go back to Calcutta Club for another meal? Yes. Definitely. And strongly recommend to those who love the complete range of Bengali food starting from the Chops and Cutlets to Main-Course to Mishti. Calcutta Club is tasty and authentic. And reasonably priced. Meal for 2 is around INR 700-800. Extremely reasonable, if you consider that you are in Andheri, Mumbai’s next ‘in’ place after SoBo and Bandra!!!

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