How About A Date With Flamingos @Sewri Mudflats This Weekend?

Thank God Valentine’s Day is over. Now I can use the word ‘date’ in my blogs without the risk of being accused of taking advantage of the V-Day marketing madness. Just to repeat what I said in the caption, do plan a date with the beautiful Flamingos at the Sewri Mudflats this weekend. Summers are less than a month away, and soon they will be gone. So here is your opportunity.

Did you ask, Flamingos in Mumbai? Yes. Didn’t you know about them already? They arrive every year in October from the colder northern hills of India and stay until March breeding away happily in Mumbai’s quite-so-comfortable winter.

Flamingoes in Sewri Mudflat, Mumbai (10)

So when is the best time to go to see the Flamingos in Mumbai? Go any time between October to March. But the best time really is December, January and February when the sun isn’t all that harsh in Mumbai.

Plus, flamingos are best seen when it is low tide in the Sewri mudflats. During high tide, the flamingos are far away near the mangroves and you can’t spot them all too well. As the water recedes they come closer offering you a good view of their slender, pink self.

How to go to Sewri Mudflats to see the Flamingos? Sewri mudflats are on the eastern shores in Mumbai. You can go either via Govandi or Matunga. A number of oil companies line up the Sewri road. Cross all of them and reach up to the point called Sewri Jetty. That’s where you get a good sighting of the flamingos.

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What all should you carry when you go to see the Flamingos at Sewri Mudflat? Remember there are no food/snacks stalls near Sewri Jetty. Hence carry snacks, fruits and water. And please also carry you own garbage bag to bring back the litter home. DO NOT leave plastic wrappers/packets/bottles back at the jetty. Help maintain the ecology of the place so that even our grand-children can come see the Flamingos.

Apply sunscreen generously, carry your hats and scarfs, for it can get quite sunny. And do not forget to carry a pair of good binoculars and your camera. Bigger the lenses, better the shots you will get of the pink-feathered beauties. Take your children. No better way to spend an afternoon than telling them about tides, mangroves and the beautiful Flamingos.