Restaurant Review: Idli House in King’s Cirlcle, Mumbai

Why an exclusive joint for the ubiquitous Idli? You may ask. We did too when we had visited Idli House for the first time. And then came to know that they are the only joint in all of Mumbai that sells Mudho – Idlis wrapped in Kedki leaves. And they also sell Khotto – Idlis wrapped in Jackfruit leaves. And Oondi, Masala Idli (Sanna Khotto), Idli Upma, Jackfruit Idli, Mysore Rava Idli, Kanchipuram Idli (and you though Kanchipuram is famous only for sarees?), Kakdi Idli, Pepper Idli, Pepper Idli, Vegetable Idli, Mini Idli and of course the Regular Idli!! They boast of 16 varieties and have another 16 type of accompaniments to the Idli you chose – Coconut gravy with Hing seasoning, Ginger & Rai seasoning, Green Chillies, Red Chillies, Garlic & Green Chillies, Molga Pudi with Til Oil, Linbda Puri with Coconut Oil, Pickles, Jain Sambhar, Vengaya Sambhar, Rasa, Curd Kadhi!!! Beat that!!! The permutation and combination possibility of the idlis and the accompaniments can be a delight to any Idli lover.

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Located right at the King’s Circle junction, it is difficult to miss Idli House. When on the Eastern Express Highway, and driving down from Powai/Chembur, Idli House falls on your left. A small joint, Idli House started about 7 years back in this South-Indian concentrated neighbourhood and already has its own list of loyalists like us. We stop by every other day for a plateful of Idli and a glassful of coffee. Yes, South-Indian coffee is the other irresistible item in their menu. If you are a tea-lover like me, worry not. There is a tea shack adjacent Idli House. You simple need to step out of Idli House for your cuppa.

Did I hear you ask about the prices? Don’t! Their rates, even at these inflationary times, can make you ask them to reconsider their pricing policy!! Haha…..