Lohar Chawl — Best Shops in Mumbai for Electrical Goods

Where can you get the best electrical goods in Mumbai at the most reasonable rates? Unarguably, the Lohar Chawl market in South Mumbai. We are in the process of doing up our new house in Mumbai, and wanted some competitive rates on the electrical and other fittings in the rooms and bathrooms. Unearthed that Lohar Chawl near Crawford Market is the wholesale market for all such goods and that they supply to the rest of Mumbai. One sortie to the market and we got every fitting for our new home including the bathroom lights, bedrooms’, kitchen’s, verandahs’, daughter’s room. The range of items they have is very satisfying. So are their rates. Extremely satisfying. We saved almost 25-30% on our total bill!!! That’s big when you consider the whole house.

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Lohar Chawl and a few FAQs:

  1. What is the exact Location of Lohar Chawl? It is exactly 5 minutes walk from Crawford Market, and is just behind Javeri Bazar. Take the Lokmanya Tilak Marg Police Station lane and you are at Lohar Chawl.
  2. Which brands of electricals can you get in Lohar Chawl? Any. Some of the best shops are Starlites, New India Lights, Athena, Atlanta etc.
  3. Is Lohar Chawl crowded? Yes. Like any other wholesale market in India. The lanes are narrow and there are carts, tempos (small trucks), taxis without an inch to spare. Do not get your kid(s) to Lohar Chawl.
  4. What is the best time to go to Lohar Chawl? The market opens at around 11am and closes at around 7.30-8 pm. Beat the crowd by coming early.
  5. How best to go to Lohar Chawl? Taking your car to Lohar Chawl is hara-kiri. Or, it could be a symptom that you have lost your senses. Please get a taxi to take you there. And a taxi back home with your loot. In case you are taking the train, CST or Marine Lines will be your closest railway station. From there, hail a cabbie. In case you have brought your car, park it near Crawford market or under the JJ Flyover near Manish Market.
  6. When is Lohar Chawl closed? On Sundays. It’s a wholesale market, remember?
  7. How much can you save at Lohar Chawl? Close to 25-30%. The shop-keepers do not waste time negotiating. They often offer a standard discount over the marked price. Go check in any other market, and you will find the price to be 25-30% lower here.
  8. What all do you get at Lohar Chawl? All right there are rows and rows of electrical shops. But you will also find shops selling door-handles and bath-room fittings. Again, wholesale prices, if it is not in Lohar Chawl, you won’t find it anywhere else in Mumbai!
  9. Best Place to eat at/near Lohar Chawl? A 5-minute walk out of the Lohar Chawl gets you to the south-Indian restaurant called Kamath. A popular chain in all of Maharashtra, the joint is clean and you will get sandwiches, pav-bhaji along with the regular South-Indian fare. You appreciate the reasonable rates and quick service when there. 


20 thoughts on “Lohar Chawl — Best Shops in Mumbai for Electrical Goods

  • nupur

    any specific shop u recommend , we can go at Lohar Chawl..instead of searching in the limitless options???
    any landmark to that shop/s

    • WOOF Post author

      Hi Nupur,
      Mostly the shops are concentrated in 3-4 lanes and bylanes, so it isn’t much difficult. We bought from 3-4 shops,. One amongst them was Starlite. Lookout for the big shops….most of them have the same/similar stuff at similar prices…so it isn’t much of a worry.

    • WOOF Post author

      Every sort of light is available there…if its not there, its not in Mumbai 🙂

    • WOOF Post author

      Hi Gajanan,

      Its a wholesale market…so whatever comes to Mumbai is available here. If it is not available here, you won’t get it anywhere else. You won’t get IKEA here.


    • WOOF Post author

      All the shops are wholesalers…you need to walk through the lanes to get the items of your choice

    • WOOF Post author

      Thank you very much for your note! Do go through the other sections as well….we are sure you will find them useful too

  • avinash

    i want to start electrical goods wholesaler in aurangabad so i need ur price list pls send to my emailid

  • r arumugam

    This is very good information especially for people who are new to Mumbai, thanks for the inforrmation.

    • WOOF Post author

      Thanks for your note! We are delighted you found the info useful. Happy settling down in Mumbai!

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