Restaurant Review — Le Pain Quotidien in Colaba, Mumbai

How ‘happening’ can a street get? When you have Indigo Deli and Moshe’s on one side and Le Pain Quotidien on the exact opposite side! That’s what you see and get to go to if you are in Shivaji Marg in Apollo Bunder in Fort!

And although Le Pain Quotidien has been around in Mumbai for quite some time now, we went there for the first time only last Sunday after our Mumbai Monorail sortie. It didn’t feel like the ‘first time’ though. For it is fashioned exactly the same way it is in the other Le Pain Quotidien chains around the world — The ambience is just perfect, decor similar to their boulangeries in Europe and the service is excellent with a smile. The Baguettes and Breads looked the same. Even the plates were the same rectangular ones. We were reminded of our first Le Pain Quotidien experience in Monte Marte, Paris. That was for breakfast then. We were here for lunch today.

Le Pain Quotidian , Colaba

Sadly the air-conditioning was not working this Sunday afternoon and they warned us of it upon entry. Although not a major problem, it was a little irritant to what would have been a great meal.

How is the food @Le Pain Quotidien, Colaba? We ordered their famous Tartines to start with — Smoked Chicken with Rocket Leaves strewn generously. Absolutely heavenly. Unfortunately though, they had served it along with the main course. Unusual. Took away our initial delight as we had to rush through what could otherwise have been a leisurely munching of the Tartines.

I had this strong craving for Pork Belly for the main course, but their current menu did not offer it. 🙁 Apparently, the menu changes every week or so. A long and hard look at the menu once again, and we settled for the Slow-Cooked Lamb and Belgian Meatballs. The lamb was fantastic, tender and cooked in a very good sauce, and served in a hollow round bread. Interesting! Although Deepa had a tough time tearing the bread from the sides to eat along with the lamb. The Meatballs were less dramatic in comparison, served with a small bowl of rice with a strong flavour of a herb/spice that the staff couldn’t name. It was so overbearing that my daughter refused to another spoon after tasting it once and instead, chose the delicious lamb that Mamma had ordered. Couldn’t blame her!! Not a great dish. Not very bad though. But handsomely filling.

Overall, I did not understand the fascination for rocket leaves and heavy spices in the food. The leaves kept falling off the Tartines making it oh-so-embarrassing to bite them. And then, they were loaded in the Meat-ball gravy and the Salads.

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How do we rate Le Pain Quotidien, Colaba? Hmmm….Good. More or Less. Ask us if we will go back to it if in the neighbourhood, and our answer would perhaps be a ‘No’. Indigo Deli on the opposite side of the street is the ‘Choice’ any day for a good breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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