Kala Ghoda Festival 2014 in Mumbai

Mumbai’s famous Kala Ghoda Festival has changed hands. From the Times of India, it has moved to Hindustan Times. And from the first-hand looks of it, it has done itself a huge service. For, Kala Ghoda, over the last few years had lost so much of its sheen that you’d find most loyalists ruing its ‘death’. The Times Group seemed to have failed to give it a good thought-process and the end result had been a dead, nonchalant festival that was there just for the heck of it.

Kala Ghoda Festival 2014 (16)

But when we saw that a new group (Hindustan Times @htKGAF) is fathering it, we were filled with wee bit of hope. No, not because i am a HT patron. On the contrary, it’s TOI that i read every morning. But you know what they say about change being good? We wanted to see if this change of parenthood had done the #KGAF any good. And so, after a quick joy-ride of the debuting Mumbai Monorail and a leisurely lunch at the Le Pain Quotidian in Colaba yesterday, we drove towards the famous Kala Ghoda junction, braving the rather hot February sun.

Needless to say, the entire walkaway at the Rhythm House junction has been cordoned off for participating stalls selling unique wares from different parts of our country – Manipur to Gujarat, Kashmir to Karnataka…I had a tough time keeping myself from buying some very beautiful sarees 🙁 And then there were the thoughtful art installations by various groups on topics ranging from urbanisation to ecology care to girl-child awareness and more. Beautiful display of art and creativity all around.

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We strongly recommend that you catch the festival over the week or the weekend. Here are a few questions that may come to your mind. We attempted to answer them…

Questions about Kala Ghoda Festival 2014 Answered here:

  • What all can you do at the Kala Ghoda Festival? Choose from workshops, book-reading, movies, plays, dance performances, music shows, gourmet workshops, children-specific programs.
  • Dates of the Kala Ghoda Festival? The festival started on the 1st of Feb and will go on until 9th Feb.
  • Where can you get the complete schedule of the Kala Ghoda Festival? Click this link — http://spentamultimedia.com/KGAF2014.pdf
  • What is the parking scene at the Kala Ghoda Festival? Can get bad owing to the heavy rush over the weekends plus the office-goers cars’ during weekdays. In case you do not have a chauffeur, suggest you park your car somewhere at the Colaba by-lanes and hail a taxi to your destination.
  • Is it very crowded at the Kala Ghoda Festival? Quite. But good crowd, and hence there’s no unnecessary pushing and shouting. Everybody is there to soak in the celebration of creativity. Kids do need extra care, but hey, this is such a lovely festival to introduce them to.
  • Does the Kala Ghoda Festival need prior registration? Some events do. Like the heritage tours. Plus, some events are on a first-come basis. Best is to go through the schedule with a hawk’s eye and plan accordingly. Once again, here is the schedule — http://spentamultimedia.com/KGAF2014.pdf

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