Mumbai’s Newest Sweetheart, Jaan – The Monorail!

You may want to call us desperate wannabes. We accept the accusation. Whole-heartedly! 😀

This morning, we woke up with the lark for an early-morning engagement that we had committed to. And when that work got over by 10am, we drove down towards Chembur (Mumbai) to ride on India’s first-ever Monorail. Yup! It was as big as that for us. So what if we had rode on similar cute little wobbly thing in countries around the world? This was India’s debut, and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be able to tell our grand-children that we did take the ‘first-day first-ride’. And yes, blog about it too.

Actually, we drove up to this station called Fertiliser Colony, a little ahead of Chembur, parked our car in a by-lane and ran up the stairs for the very first tickets. Around 10 am, the crowd had still not built up. And so, it was a breeze at the ticket-counter and past the digitised gates. The trains, though, took a while to arrive. But nobody was complaining. Like us, the others too were busy checking out the platform, stairs, announcement boards, tracks. And the security staff posted there went berserk whistling away trying to contain people’s excitement, not cross the yellow line, not look through the railings. Haha….

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And when the train finally came, we clapped, waved, whistled! And rode up to the last station, Wadala Depot, wide-eyed and soaking in the experience. We went past mangroves, the ubiquitous Mumbai shanties, golf course, Eastern Freeway and could also see the sea, hills and the other ubiquitous Mumbai fixtures, skyscrapers, in the hazy horizon. The train was filled up to capacity and when it wobbled in the turns, a loud ‘Wooo’ went out from everybody in the compartment. Wobble it did. Quite a bit. And had quite a few of us quite scared.

Note that for a few week’s Mumbai’s Monorail will run from 7am to 3 pm only. But soon they will start the full service. Also, it is Chembur to Wadala and back for now, an almost 9 km stretch with 7 halts. The next phase will go up to Jacob’s Circle.

Then will be then. For now, we loved Mumbai’s latest Sweetheart! #MumbaiMonorail #JaiHo 😀

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