Wheels On Our Feet In A New Avatar!

Did you notice? Wheels On Our Feet is hosted on its own domain!! We achieved this last week, but not without our share of labour pangs. In fact, we had more than our share of labour anxiety when we found that our images weren’t loading onto the domain that Go Daddy’s hosting services provided. After 2 days of relentless trying, we gave up and decided to snap ties with Go Daddy and partner with Bluehost instead. Well, despite the fact that Bluehost doesn’t have its customer service team based in India, they provided us with every assistance required to migrate our blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. And despite being complete technical novices, we managed to migrate.

With this, we have our own site, unlimited space which we intend to fill with exciting experiences, photos and videos from around the world. Yoo Hoo…it really feels like the start of another adventure!!

But first, our heartfelt gratitude to those who are here with us providing us with the much-needed support as we walk toward a vibrant travel blog. THANK YOU!! Allow us some time to spruce up our website. We hope to provide you with good reading experience. And a genuine point of reference for any of your travel needs. At the same time, we look forward to your feedback on the content, navigability and, look and feel of the blog. Do let us know how we could improve and we’d be more than happy to incorporate your suggestions!!

Thank You once again. And Bon Voyage!!!!