Restaurant Review: Indigo Deli @R-City Mall, Mumbai

Call it idiosyncrasy, but I hate dining in malls. That’s because, I feel that the character of a place is lost when it is holed up in the same line with many others. And that’s why, we had never been to Indigo Deli at their R-City Mall joint in Ghatkopar, despite being huge Indigo Deli fans. But last Sunday saw us breaking our own self-imposed exile. After one huge shopping spree at the Mall, we hopped on to Indigo Deli for both the throat and stomach!!

And was happy to find that none of the mall crowd had spilled over at the Deli. Perhaps it’s the Deli’s niche menu, pricing or both. But thank goodness to whatever it was. For we could were in the mood for some quiet drinks over some quiet food, on a day that had started very early, seen us run 10 km and then, indulge in binge shopping.

The ambience @Indigo Deli was perfect! A spacious place with expensive and well-thought out décor, it oozed charm. We opted for a table for 3 by the large windows in one corner so that we could get a sense of the place.

Restaurant Review - Indigo Deli @ R-City Mall in Mumbai

Food @Indigo Deli, R-City Mall: Our biggest fear with any chain, no matter how successful or reputed, is that they are unable to recreate that same magic which made their original joint famous. Well, sometimes, that fear is well founded. But, happily, it didn’t apply to Indigo Deli at R-City – the food was as good as their Colaba joint, ie., Indigo Deli Colaba!!!

Jayant has this HUGE weakness for their BBQ Pork Ribs, which he notoriously orders every time he is at the Deli. He ordered it this time too, saying that the dish would be the litmus test in order to find out if they really match the Colaba food in taste! Be happy, I said, for I wanted to go with my favourite – Lambs with Aubergines and Fruit Compote. And in order to further tighten the ‘litmus test’, we ordered the Deli’s famous Quiche of the Day. The staff taking our orders, confirmed that the Quiche would be of shredded chicken and leeks. So be it, we said. To down this all, Jayant ordered Beer and I settled for a Red.

The Quiche was YUMM!! As usual. My ever-discerning daughter loved it and so did we. First litmus test, Passed. The Pork Ribs were just up to Jayant’s fancy and so were my Lamb dish. I only wish I had asked for a little more helping of the yummy fruit compote. Blended perfectly with the aubergines and the wine.

The quantity served was, as is usual with Indigo Deli, huge. The 3 of us had trouble finishing it all. And much as we would have liked to order the Mousse lying at the Desserts counter which tempted us upon our entry, we figured we couldn’t look at any more food than what we had already had!

@Indigo Deli, R-City Mall, Expensive? Well, for the newbie, Indigo Deli is gourmet cuisine. Which is why the ‘expensive’ tag. Meal for 2 with drinks can easily go up to INR 3500.

So the next time we are tied for time and energy to drive down to Colaba, we will head to Indigo Deli at R-City Mall for a GOOD meal. Yes!!

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