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We had drawn up a list of must-eat joints in Kolkata much in advance lest we should miss out on any good food this Christmas holidays. Bohemian was high on our list, for this fusion rood place had made quite a name for itself in the recent past.

Located in a narrow by-lane of Ballygunge, not too far from Gariahat Market, we would have had a bad time finding the place had it not been for Nokia’s navigation app. Bohemian is a small restaurant with about 7-8 tables, with not any fancy decor that the names perhaps suggest. It is a casual place which allows you to let your hair down after a long, hard day at work. The washroom, however, is quite a statement and a must-go 😉

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The food is however exceptional and definitely different. Started by Chef Joy Bannerjee, ex-chef of the Oberois … , Bohemian uses exotic Bengali spices like Panch Phoron (Bengalis’ famous 5-spice mix), Sorshe (Mustard paste, but of course) and Gondho Raj Lebu (a lemon known for its wonderful aroma) to make variants of global dishes with a Bong touch.

We had had a very heavy fish-centric lunch and hence, were not very hungry. That’s why we hit the main courses straightaway, missing out on some excellent starters which, we couldn’t help observing, were presented in true 5*-hotel style to the other diners. Some good wine, cocktail would have been awesome, but they do not have liquor license yet. Mock tails were our only option….

I ordered a Mocha Slush which was too sweet for my liking and avoidable. Deepa ordered ‘Magic Portion’, which was just okay. For main course, we ordered lamb and more lamb – Kancha Lonka Mangsho, Grilled Mutton Chops with Mushroom & Spicy Red Wine Jus and Royal Bengal Roast Mutton with Bhuna Sauce — you’ve got it, we are all mutton lovers! Served with basic accompaniments, every dish makes a big portion and obviously, quite filling. The Grilled Chops Sauce & Mushrooms were fantastic, but the muttom itself was a disappointment. It was very very stiff…:-( They should have some lamb shanks options. The other dishes were good though, that ‘melted in the mouth’…


For deserts, we opted for Gondhoraj Soufflé – a must have … with the mild flavor of Gondhoraj lemon giving just the right flavor to the creamy soufflé base. The service was very good & quick though a little impersonal.

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How much does it cost to dine at Bohemian? 2 mocktails + 3 main-course meals + 1 dessert = Approx INR 2000. Beat that!! Kolkata prices appear to be so delightful to a Mumbaikar!

Where is Bohemian located? 32/4 Old Ballygunj, 1st Lane. Phone — 033 – 64601001. Advisable to make a call and reserve your table so as not to take chances!

Would strongly recommend this place for a meal – preferably dinner, when one visits Kolkata and do try the Gondhoraj dishes, something to remember Bengal by when you are back home.

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